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Customers must be at least (18) years of age to purchase my knives.

Laws regarding the purchase, possession and use of my products may vary from different State and Local jurisdictions. Customers are solely responsible for researching and being informed of their Federal, State and Local Laws to determine the legaility of any items ordered/purchased.  By placing an order or purchasing, you as the customer, are representing to Ed Martin / Ed Martin Knives that the products ordered/purchased are lawful within the State and Local jurisdiction in which you reside and that you will use these products in compliance with all applicable laws. Ed Martin / Ed Martin Knives / Martin Knives is not responsible for any actions taken against you due to your non-compliance of those laws nor those from other localities in which you possess, transport or use my products.

Products manufactured by Ed Martin / Ed Martin Knives / Martin Knives are intended and sold for legitimate sporting and utilitarian purposes only.  You agree to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless Ed Martin / Ed Martin Knives / Martin Knives from any and all damages, losses, fees and expenses, including Ed Martin's attorney fees and costs, arising from or related to your breach of representation, or from liability to, claims from or actions taken by any third party, arising from the handling/ use of any product manufactured or sold by Ed Martin / Ed Martin Knives / Martin Knives.

ALL CUSTOMERS/PURCHASERS/USERS OF PRODUCTS MANUFACTURED/SOLD BY Ed Martin / Ed Martin Knives / Martin Knives UNDERSTAND AND ACCEPT THAT: (a) THE HANDLING AND USE OF KNIVES AND OTHER SHARP TOOLS INVOLVE RISKS AND DANGERS OF SERIOUS BODILY INJURY, INCLUDING PERMANENT DISABILITY, PARALYSIS AND DEATH ("RISKS") whether handled or used improperly or as recommended due to their inherent risk; (b) these risks and dangers may be caused by the users own actions or inactions, the actions or inactions of others, unintentional, unforeseen or unnoticeable defects in the manufacture of my products or from their misuse; (c) there may be OTHER RISK AND SOCIAL AND ECONOMIC LOSSES either not known or readily foreseen at the time of handling and or use; (d) the PURCHASER/USER FULLY ACCEPTS AND ASSUMES ALL SUCH RISKS AND ALL RESPONSIBILITY FOR LOSSES, COSTS AND DAMAGES.

Upon purchase, you agree to not hold Ed Martin / Ed Martin Knives / Martin Knives responsible nor liable for personal injury, economic loss, injury to property or for any incidental or consequential damages resulting from the handling, use or misuse of these products. Ed Martin / Ed Martin Knives / Martin Knives reserves the right at any time to make changes to advertising information, Terms and Conditions of
Sale and Disclaimers at my discretion. Upon purchase, the customer willfully agrees with and represents that he/she has fully read, understands and accepts all provisions included in this disclaimer as TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE.


I make a strong commitment to my customers to not only provide the finest quality knives & tools possible, but also firmly stand behind my work by providing excellent customer service and assistance long after the delivery of my products.  All knives & cutting tools manufactured by Ed Martin are warranted to be free from defects in both materials & craftsmanship for life to the original owner.
Unless otherwise stated in the product description, knife sheaths & other products manufactured by Ed Martin come with a (5) year warranty for defects.

Upon delivery, my customers have a (14) day free inspection period to examine their purchase. Ed Martin / Ed Martin Knives / Martin Knives must be contacted within (14) days of the delivery date if you are not fully satisfied with your purchase.  During this period, customers have the option to return the merchandise either for full refund (customers' return shipping costs are not refundable) OR exchange (with additional shipping/insurance costs charged to cover my expenses). This policy will be enforced at my discretion.

NOTE: Returned merchandise must be in its original, new, unused condition as delivered. I reserve the right to charge a reasonable fee for services required to repair/restore for resale, any returned items showing wear from handling, use, or damage from use or neglect. Returned items showing damage from use, abuse or misuse may be rejected and returned to you "as is", unless upon my inspection, I determine the cause to be a result of a defect. Complaints about hand cramps and/or hot spots from prolonged use are not covered in this warranty.  Products fabricated per special request which include; (a) design modifications (including customized alterations & ornamentation), (b) items crafted using services, materials and other additions not offered as standard or listed options from my shop or, (c) designs duplicated from customers drawings, are not returnable for exchange or refund.  Items produced from a customers design & made to their exact specifications which are not liked, are considered a designer's flaw by its creator and not a defect or flaw of the manufacturer.

NOTE: A defect is a form of damage resulting from faulty materials and or craftsmanship which occurs outside the boundaries of normal wear, tear and common, industry accepted maintenance.  This warranty does not cover; (a) NORMAL WEAR AND TEAR or NEGLECT OF PROPER MAINTENANCE, which includes: blade re-sharpening, the stability of natural handle materials made from wood, bone, horn, antler or ivory (as they re-acclimate and can adjust to another environment for which I have no control), blade discoloration from handling & use, blade corrosion/rusting and blade or handle finish wear, (b) DAMAGE CAUSED BY MISUSE, which refers to any activity which can be considered abusive or potentially damaging or is the result of employment outside the area of intended, recommended or advertised use, will include but is not limited to: using as a hammer or screwdriver, prying or digging tool, for throwing, being struck upon, sharpening on a motor-driven grinder or sharpener, chopping or cutting bone, stone, metals or any other non-fibrous, non-fleshy material & neglect of proper maintenance. The most commonly seen damage widely accepted by knife manufacturers including Ed Martin / Ed Martin Knives / Martin Knives as a sign of abuse, can include; broken tips or blades, chipped or nicked blade edges & cracked handle grips; (c) SECOND PARTY ALTERATIONS: any alteration or modification of the product, design or materials performed by anyone other than Ed Martin / Ed Martin Knives / Martin Knives could affect the integrity, safety & performance of the product & will void any warranty; (d) DAMAGE AS A RESULT FROM FAILURE TO FOLLOW THE DIRECT ADVICE OR RECOMMENDATIONS OF THE MANUFACTURER.

A defect, or damage as the result of a defect can only be determined by careful examination by the manufacturer & only Ed Martin / Ed Martin Knives / Martin Knives can make warranty determinations on his products. Should you believe the product you purchased contains a defect or was damaged due to one, for safety & to avoid possible additional damage or risks, discontinue use and contact me so I can promptly evaluate the issue & assist with a timely remedy. Defective products are promptly repaired or replaced (at my professional determination & discretion) at no charge. Customer incurred shipping charges to return damaged merchandise for repair or replacement are not refundable.  Items returned for repair not covered by my warranty will be charged a reasonable fee only for services requested + return shipping costs (Postal Insurance will be offered & is optional on customer owned items but recommended.  Ed Martin / Ed Martin Knives / Martin Knives assumes no liability for uninsured items lost or damaged in transit to or from my shop). No repair or service is ever performed or charged without customer consent.

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