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Survival Knives

The knives on this page are designed as survival knives.  Click on the picture to get a description and basic specifications for each knife.  I make knives in small batches when I have enough requests for that design ... so you will need to email me or call me to get your request in for a specific design.   When I am ready to start on a batch I will contact you and you can give me the color and option choices that I offer at that time.  

Also, check out the "Available" page for there may be one there that you are wanting.  

The easiest way to contact me with your knife request is by email, but for those of you who may have problems with email you can call and leave a voice mail, but it may take a while for me to get back to you.  Email:  Phone: (903)268-7013

I will be updating the gallery along so you will see additions and adjustments. 

If you want to join my email list so you can get an email when I put knives on the website or put up informational videos just fill out the form below:

MK-T3 "E&E"

MK-T3 "Lite"

MK3 "Caddo"

MK4 "Llano" (Hilted Model)

MK4 "Llano" (No hilt model)

MK5 "Blanco"

MK7 "Bushcraft Tactical"

MK10 "Bushfighter"

MK11 "Firecat"

"Wilderness Trail Knife"

Hill Country Survival Knife
Hill Country Survival Knife

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