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Steels that I use:

After many years of testing different steels I decided on using just two. While there are many good choices out there these two seem to fit my knife making the best. One is a carbon steel and the other is a stainless steel.

Carbon Steel: 80CRV2
Although mistaken to be the new kid on the block, 80CrV2 has actually been around for ages under the common nickname “Swedish saw steel.” 80CrV2 is a tough as nails workhorse steel with high carbon chrome-vanadium content. It provides the essential qualities of a 1080-series steel, with all the perks of a high chrome steel like 5160.

Stainless Steel: CPM S35vn
Produced here in the USA by Crucible. It offers some improvements to their S30-V stainless which I used before this. It has a retuned chemistry based on vanadium and chromium, the addition of Niobium improved toughness and wear resistance over many other stainless steels.

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