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I usually ship USPS Priority mail.  Upon your request I can insure it.  If the package is insured and is lost or stolen be prepared to wait up to 6 months for USPS to investigate and reimburse.  If you do not want it insured then it is your liability. 

I do accept orders from international customers, but there are conditions that are necessarily different.

1. I only ship to countries that permit delivery of this merchandise. I try to make sure of the legality, but it is up to the customer to research & know their own laws before placing an order. I will not be held responsible for seizures or delivery problems.

2. In order to avoid fines and penalties I must declare actual item descriptions & full sale value on all customs forms. I will not declare less.

3. I ship by USPS international and insure the items if that service is available to your country.  I do have a DHL account, but DHL may not serve your area.  

4. The customer assumes all risk on international order including loss of merchandise, customs confiscation and complying with your countries laws. If the item is returned to me by your customs you are still responsible for all the shipping costs including return shipping. I am not responsible for VAT, customs duties and other taxes and fees. I charge only for the shipping costs. All return shipping because of incorrect address is customers responsibility

5. When you place an international order you must be aware that it involves risks. I want to provide the best service I can to my international customers, but the safety and condition of your order is beyond my control once it shipped. If I can apply insurance I will, but lost or damaged merchandise can take a lot of time and the customer will only be reimbursed after I am reimbursed.

6. I mainly use Paypal for international orders.  You can use a credit card through Paypal even if you do not have an account with them.  All payment amounts must be made in U.S. Dollars only or payment will not be accepted. 


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