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At the present time I only do leather sheaths.  I use leather that is evenly gauged throughout. I use medium brown and black.... sometimes a dark brown is offered.    Leather prices have been steadily rising over the past few years and that is the reason more and more are going to Kydex for the medium priced knives. 

I need to point out that I am mainly a knife maker, not a leather worker.  I try to do a good job on my leather sheaths, but an experienced leather worker with better equipment can make a nicer sheath than me.  Mine will be much better than those you find on most manufactured knives.  If you had rather get someone else to do your sheath I won't be offended and I will knock off the wholesale price of the sheath.  

I basically do 3 types of sheaths. You can go to this video to view them:

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I make leather attachments for the horizontal and loop back sheaths. They can be ordered separate also to mount on your belt. They can be made to accept certain items like diamond hones, small survival tin, and / or firestarter.

I can also attach a smaller knife to the front of some of the sheaths.

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