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Hi Guys,
This is from my last trip in the bush, sorry no knife pics but I will be sure to take some next time Iím out on a long one.
This time I took the wife and kids, was fun. We camped near a river bed, it is dry season so no worries with flash floods, we donít get any rain now for 5 months. The next morning walking in the sand we came across elephant prints, as you can see with my daughters foot print in the middle. The other one was really cool, this is where a leopard had used an elephant hole to dig out surface sand to get to the water below, you can see the pug marks in the hole, the edge and the wet sand where he dug and dumped it, he was basically lying on the wet sand with his face in the hole drinking the water. the elephant pic and the lions where taken as we drove to camp.
Your knives all came in handy being in the bush, thanks again

I can't thank you enough for the knife you made and dedicated to your father for me on memorial day. It really is the best made knife i've ever owned and i wear it proudly and show it off everyday. here's a picture of the knife on my kit in Afghanistan. Thanks again for making another soldier happy and proud as hell to wear and use one of your amazing knives.

Dear Mr. Martin,

two days ago, on friday i picked up the B4 Llamo knife from our local custom office in Amberg.
Shipping and customs was no problem and the knive reached me much faster than i tought.
The knife is a fantastic work, itīs much better than i expected from the pictures.
I think it will make a good job, during our hiking tours and the diffrent outdoor activities
even wit the attachtment and the fantastic sheat system. Thank you very much.

Best regards to you and your family
from Amberg/ Germany

Hello Ed,

I thought you guys would like to know I received my knife today and I'm am so happy with it, it really is a beautiful piece of work and can safely say it is now my pride and joy

Thank you so much for the great work on my knife and I would love to own some more of your work in the near future

All the best


Hi ya Ed,
I just got the Bruin. "It really turned out nice", lol, what an understatement. Gods you make a beautiful knife. And so lively, the balance is perfect. I know the knife Newt is making for me will be excellent, for what it's intended for,.... but this one , this "Big Bruin",...this is that knife you want with you when you have to go in harms way.I was looking for that one single knife to have the rest of of my life, and you made it for me, Ed. Thanks pardner.

Hi Ed,

I just picked up the knife this morning - what an incredible knife!

About a year or so ago, I bought a knife magazine for my husband who loves knives, and as he was reading through it I asked him about some of the knives. So he flipped back and forth and showed me several different ones but he always came back to the Elk Hunter. Awhile later, with our 10th anniversary coming up, I asked him, as he was again paging through the magazine, about the knives. He again stopped at the Elk Hunter - but then flipped to a completely different knife and said that he would love to have that knife. So I went online to order it - it was more or less within our budget, but I didn't like it and it didn't seem to suit him, so I didn't order it! He knew nothing of my scheme! The next day, he said "You know, Co, that is a nice knife, and it would be fun, but really I'd feel akward wearing it. I think the knife I'd really like to have would be this one (the Elk Hunter). It's absolutely gorgeous, it's solid, it suits me and it's got the forge marks. I really, really like this." Then, being a great father and husband on a very tight budget, he said "Maybe someday I'll come across a knife like that, it sure is nice." And so began my secret search to find That knife! I was so excited when I got through to you guys and when you said you were willing to make it. Unfortunately I am terrible at keeping secrets and I soon spilled the beans! But it's OK. He was so excited and could hardly believe it. To quote him when he saw the pictures you sent "I never thought I would own such a knife".

I have been checking the mail almost everyday since it was shipped! He was the envy of all his buddies at work today! He keeps taking it out and looking at it and holding it. He loves the case, the blade, the handle and the forge marks! Thank you so much! I was so pleased to be able to give him such a great gift.


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