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The "A" Series are my high end survival knives. They are made from a premium grade stainless steel called CPM S35VN. It is a particle steel that was designed specifically for knives and has been triple tempered and cryoed twice in between tempers to 100 degrees below zero. Quality starts with the heat treating and Newt or I do our own to make sure it is right. Don't let opinions confuse you. Check out the data sheet - CPM S35VN Data Sheet. I also offer a choice of two carbon steels - 01 Tool Steel or 5160 truck spring steel (limited to 2 thicknesses and is usually used on the larger knives). I also offer Chad Nichols stainless steel damascus as an option extra.

Just click on the pictures below to get the details on each knife.

A1 "Firecat"
A2 "Bushcraft Tactical"
A3 "Bushfighter"
A4 "Llano"
A5 "BSK"
A7 "Bush Bowie"

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