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Welcome to Martin Knives website.  My son, Newt, and I started the business in 2004.  Normally a son takes over his fathers' business, but this one started a little differently.  Newt had become interested in making knives and with the encouragement from my brother, Hank, he had begun to make some crude knives using the low tech tools that he had on hand - a Bar-B-Que grill, hammer, angle grinder, and dremel tool, etc.

I already knew his talent as an artist was high so when I saw what he was doing I figured that he had probably found his calling.  I was at a cross road in my career so I decided to see if I could join with him and help get things moving.  So Marie and I moved to the hill country of Texas and rented a place there where Newt joined us and Martin Knives began. 

We did not take a conservative approach by keeping a regular job while learning.  Instead, we dived in head first.  We ordered a VSR tape of R.W. Loveless making knives and some books.  I had a little money saved so I bought a KMG 2 inch grinder, air compressor, heat treat oven and some other regular shop equipment.  Picture below is of Newt in our first shop learning how to grind on the KMG.  

After a couple years we decided to find a place to buy with a shop.  That proved to be rather difficult, but finally found one that suited us up in north Texas close to Dallas.  We spent 8 years there and our skills and reputation grew during that time even while dealing with economic and health issues.

In 2014 Marie and I decided it was time for us to back off and decided to move back to Louisiana where we grew up.  Newt decided to return to Port Isabel, TX where we raised he and his brother.  He opened a shop there and I opened a small shop in Downsville, LA.  

Then in 2016 the unexpected happened and Newt came down with Leukemia.  Marie and I moved back to Port Isabel to help while he went through chemo treatments.  After about 10 months I developed some health issues.  Since Newt's chemo was about done and he was in remission we decided to move everything back to Louisiana and combine the shops again.  Newt seemed to be doing better, but then the leukemia came back and after a long battle he passed away in February 2018.

I cannot tell you how devestating it is to loose a child unless you have lost one.  If it were not for our faith in Jesus Christ I don't know what would have become of us and the business.  Instead we decided to keep the business going in Newt's memory.  While my attention to detail is not as refined as Newt's, I can build a decent quality knife.  So, Marie and I continue on with the business as long as my body will let me.  We appreciate all of those who have supported us over the years as well as those who continue to buy our knives.



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Some of our first knives
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First Shop

Dining Room - First Leather Shop

Second Year - Skills improved dramatically
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